Your question: Which planet spins anti clockwise?

Which planet rotates anti-clockwise?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Every planet in our solar system except for Venus and Uranus rotates counter-clockwise as seen from above the North Pole; that is to say, from west to east. This is the same direction in which all the planets orbit the sun.

Is Venus the only planet that rotates clockwise?

Venus and possibly Uranus are the exceptions to the counterclockwise rotations of the planets. Venus travels around the sun once every 225 Earth days but it rotates clockwise once every 243 days.

What causes a planet to rotate?

What force cause them to rotate? There is no force that causes the planets to rotate. Most of the rotation comes about from the conservation of angular momentum. … Due to conservation of angular momentum, if the radius of the orbit decreases, then its angular velocity must increase (as the mass is constant).

Can we make Venus spin faster?

Researchers used a computer to simulate the movements of that thick atmosphere. It whips around at 100 meters per second (around 224 miles per hour). Those winds exert enough push against mountains on one side of the planet — and suction on the other side — to alter the speed of the planet’s rotation.

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