Your question: How do Russians read clocks?

Do Russians use the 24-hour clock?

Like most of Europe, Russia uses the 24-hour system for all kinds of official messages: train schedules, TV programs, working hours, and so on. So, instead of 3 p.m., you’ll hear pyatnadtsdat’ chasov (peet-naht-tsuht’ chuh-sohf) (15 o’clock [literally: 15 hours]).

How is time told in Russia?

It’s one o’clock. If we want to say “it’s one o’clock” in Russian, we just say “hour”.

How are dates written in Russian?

In Russia, dates are usually written in “day month year” (DMY) order. This order is used in both the all-numeric date (for example “28.08. 17”) and the expanded form (for example “28 августа 2017”. Note: The trailing “г” is short for “года” (“of the year”).

Is Russian written backwards?

The “backward” letters in the Cyrillic script used for writing Russian aren’t backward at all but are actually entirely different letters who simply looked up looking like letters from the Latin alphabet. … In reality, the alphabet is very similar to the Latin one, and it can easily be learned in an afternoon.

Why do Russians read O?

O sounds like A when it is not stressed.

This is called vowel reduction, and it is an important rule of the Russian pronunciation. For example, она (she) sounds like [ana] because O is unstressed. однообразный (monotonous) is pronounced as [adnaaˈbraznij] because none of the O’s is stressed.

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