You asked: Is Timex Expedition good?

How long will a Timex Expedition last?

Once fully charged, the battery life can reach two months. If worn daily, there is very little chance the watch will stop. The Gallatin and Ranger watches maintain the rugged appeal of previous Expedition models and includes features users have come to expect from Timex.

How accurate is the Timex Expedition?

It’s also very accurate, keeping time to +/- 10 seconds over a 6 week period. I was confused by Timex’s description that the watch is “water resistant” to 330 feet so I called them.

How good is Timex brand?

It’s among the most iconic watch brands in history with both affordability and reliability reputation. Its cool and stylish watches. It is great collection and wide range of models.

Are Timex watches still good?

Timex has proven that you can get amazing quality, stylish watches for extremely low costs. That’s why the brand shows up multiple times on our list of the best watches under $100. Another special quality that we love about Timex watches is the fact that nearly everyone can wear them.

Does Timex Indiglo wear out?

Indiglo watches take energy from the watch battery and give it to the atoms in the zinc sulfide-copper compound. This energy is then given off as light. … People say that this Indiglo effect does wear out after long use, however.

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How long does a Timex automatic watch last?

How long do Timex Automatic watches last? For an average automatic watch, you’re looking at between 40-50 hours of life. There are some that last longer, but this is typical. And for most people, that’s plenty of time.

Where is the Timex Expedition made?

This American-made watch is drop forged in US-sourced stainless steel by auto parts manufacturers, and assembled in our Connecticut Headquarters with a high-quality Swiss movement. What started as an impossible idea is now a Timex watch made in America.

Is Timex a bad brand?

Without a doubt, the brand can be considered as one of the best suppliers of cheap watches. Even those that cost $30 or so will last times longer than many other watches in three-digit price categories. To sum up, Timex watches are definitely good and worth every penny.

Which is better Timex or citizen?

The Citizen is a better watch, i.e. st. steel vs. base metal, however it is also almost three times the price. The Timex with lithium long life battery and tough construction will serve you well for a long time.