You asked: Can I trade in my apple watch later?

Can I exchange my apple watch after 14 days?

For any undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt (or gift receipt) within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and we’ll exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method.

Can I exchange my apple watch for another one?

If you’re ready to buy a new product at an Apple Store, you can bring your old device with you. If it’s eligible for trade-in, we’ll apply an instant credit at the time of purchase. … And no matter how you use Apple Trade In, if your device has no trade-in value, you can always recycle it responsibly for free.

Does Apple refund in app purchases?

iOS 15 Allows You to Request Refunds for In-App Purchases Directly Within Apps. … Users can tap on this option, select a specific in-app purchase, identify the issue that prompted the refund request, and tap the Request Refund button.

Can you return Apple products after opening?

Standard Return Policy

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For eligible iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and third-party products, you have up to 15 calendar days from the time you receive your item(s) to initiate a return. Items ineligible for a return include: Opened memory. Opened software*

Can you exchange Apple watch for another color?

Answer: A: If you bought it less than 14 days ago from Apple you can return it. If it has been longer you would need to sell it or use the recycle program and purchase a new one in the color you desire.

Can I swap my Apple watch for a different color?

No, it is not possible to customise the casing by switching between different materials or colours. When initially buying Apple Watch, Apple also does not offer the option to mix and match cases and bands or to exchange or trade in included cases or bands separately, whether in store or online.

Can I return free Airpods to Apple?

Answer: A: No, you can’t return them.

Is there a restocking fee at Best Buy for Apple Watch?

Best Buy allows customers to return Apple Watches within 14 days of purchase as of 2021. When returning an Apple Watch, a receipt and all accessories (box, charging puck, watch bands, etc.) must be provided to receive a full refund. Additionally, Best Buy charges a $45 restocking fee for Apple watches.

How do I get a refund on an Apple app purchase?

How to request a refund

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. Tap or click “I’d like to.”
  4. Choose “Request a refund.”
  5. Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next.
  6. Choose the item or items that you bought, then choose Submit.
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What is Costco return policy on Apple Watch?

Costco accepts returns on almost everything, no matter when it was purchased, with a few exceptions. Electronics: TVs, projectors, tuner-free displays, major appliances, computers, tablets, smart watches, cameras, drones, camcorders, MP3 players, and cell phone have a 90-day return window.