Why is my Apple Watch update stuck on preparing?

What does it mean when Apple Watch update says preparing?

When the screen says “Preparing” generally means, as the message implies, your watch is preparing the watchOS update file for download from Apple’s servers and then installation. … If you see a message saying something like “update is in progress”, then your update is going as expected.

How long does Apple Watch update take to prepare?

Apple advises that the update process may take up one hour. However: do not interrupt your iPhone or Apple Watch if the process has already reached “installing”. Note that you may need to scroll up on your iPhone screen to see the current status.

Why does Apple preparing update take so long?

One of the reasons why your iPhone is stuck on preparing an update screen is that the downloaded update is corrupted. Something went wrong while you were downloading the update and that caused the update file not to remain intact. … That is because, unlike Android, iOS does not let you view your update files.

What happens if you take Apple Watch off charger while updating?

As long as the battery doesn’t die during the update, your Apple Watch will be fine. Apple Watch should not be removed from the charger until the software update has completed.

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How do I know if Apple Watch is updating?

Update Apple Watch software

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap My Watch, go to General > Software Update, then, if an update is available, tap Download and Install.

How do I fix iOS 14 stuck on preparing updates?

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update?

  1. Make Sure You’re Connected to a Strong Wi-Fi Network. …
  2. Delete the Update in iPhone Storage. …
  3. Hard Restart iPhone. …
  4. Once the device restarts, go back to Settings > General > Software Update to try updating the device again. …
  5. Use FixGo to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update.

Why is my iOS 14 update taking so long?

If the download takes a long time

You need an Internet connection to update your device. The time it takes to download the update varies according to the size of the update and your Internet speed. You can use your device normally while downloading the update, and your device will notify you when you can install it.

Why is the iOS 14 taking forever to download?

Another possible reason why your iOS 14/13 update downloading process is frozen is that there is no enough space on your iPhone/iPad. The iOS 14/13 update requires at least 2GB storage, so if you find it is taking too long to download, go to check your device storage.