Where is the waiting room key in the Clockwork Mansion?

Where is the interrogation room key?

Interrogation Room Key The Interrogation Room Key is the key to the Overseers’ interrogaton room. It is found inside the Overseers’ Building during the “Edge of the World” mission. It opens the door to the room where the body Mindy Blanchard wants is located, although the room can be entered by smashing the windows.

How do you navigate the Clockwork Mansion?

Open the chamber by pulling the lever and rearranging the walls blocking your progress. Stand on the square on the floor to rearrange the walls again. Right inside, there’s a Clockwork Soldier waiting for you. Use Far Reach immediately to warp over to your right to avoid too much trouble.

Where is Emily’s room key?

Emily’s Room Key can be found on a small table beside the fireplace inside the main room of the conservatory.

How do you get past the wall of light in Clockwork Mansion?

Simply wait for the guard to control back to the Wall of Light before climbing down the chain to a lower path, and Blink/Reach across the several broken bridges to the mansion, and head up the path to enter the place.

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Where is the Brigmore front door key?

Keys in The Brigmore Witches. The key to two chests in the witches’ quarters in the attic above the entrance of Brigmore Manor. The key can be found on the desk in Coldridge’s interrogation room during the second mission, or on the belt of one of the witches patrolling above the manor’s entrance in the final mission.

Where is the pub master room dishonored?

It is on a lower shelf of the bookcase in Admiral Havelock’s office on the second floor, behind the door.

How do you sneak into Jindosh mansion?

Once inside the manor, enter the first set of doors, shoot through one the ceiling’s windows and climb up with Far Reach or Blink. Take the set of doors on the left and slip down to the corridor below.

Do clockwork soldiers count as kills Dishonored 2?

Don’t let Bloodflies and Clockwork Soldiers stand in the way of your non lethal playthrough – as both enemy types will not count against killing! Killing Clockwork Soldiers won’t count against towards High-Chaos either.

How many chapters are in Dishonored?

There is a total of nine main chapters in the game, listed below: A Long Day in Dunwall. Edge of the World. The Good Doctor.