What type of figurative language does Poe use to describe the clock?

What figure of speech is shown in the expression the brazen lungs of the clock?

Poe uses personification–brazen lungs–to emphasize the deepness of the “heavy monotonous clang,” a clang that serves as an hourly reminder to the guests that death is approaching.

Is the Red Death a metaphor?

When describing death, “[The Red Death] had come like a thief in the night” (6). … This metaphor could represent the inevitability of death since each passing hour serves as a reminder to the masqueraders of their impending death.

How does Poe use figurative language to build a theme in The Raven?

Poe makes frequent use of allusions to Greek and Roman mythology and the Christian Bible. The speaker calls the raven a messenger from “Night’s Plutonian shore,” alluding to the Roman god of the underworld, Pluto, and emphasizing the common association of ravens with death. …

How does Poe use imagery?

In the raven each and every line brings the reader deeper and deeper into madness. Edgar Allan Poe not only uses imagery to allow the reader to enter a physical image in their mind but to also allow the reader to enter an emotional image as well. One such example is in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee.

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What does Prince Prospero symbolize?

Prince Prospero symbolizes mankind and its inability to deal with the realities of death. Prospero, like many men, thinks he can avoid death or at least put it off. When the Red Death begins to kill most of the people in Prospero’s kingdom, he attempts to use his wealth and possessions to escape the fate of everyman.

Why is Prince Prospero’s name ironic?

Prince Prospero’s name is ironic because he dies at the end. “Prospero” sounds like “prosper.” Prince Prospero tries to prosper at the expense of his people.

What is a metaphor in The Tell-Tale Heart?

The metaphor is “thick darkness.” Darkness can’t literally be thick, as could a soup or pudding, but by referencing thickness, Poe emphasizes how impenetrable the black is. … The metaphor is the “vulture eye,” which describes the eye of the old man that the narrator seeks to murder.

What is a theme of The Tell-Tale Heart?

The main themes in “The Tell-Tale Heart” are the madness and sanity, the pressure of guilt, and the passage of time. Madness and sanity: the narrator’s attempt to prove his sanity as he explains his meticulous plans for killing the old man only prove his madness.

What are some examples of figurative language in Tell Tale Heart?

Metaphors in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” include an idea that haunts the narrator, a “vulture eye,” and the expression “stone dead.” Similes include a room “as black as pitch,” a ray of light “like the thread of the spider,” and a beating heart that excites rage as a beating drum makes a soldier take …

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