What sizes does Apple Watch 5 come in?

What sizes do Apple watches come in?

Both watches come in two sizes: the Apple Watch Series 4 in 40 mm and 44 mm, and the Apple Watch Series 3 in 38 mm and 42 mm. The upside of the larger case, however, is a larger screen: Apple Watch Series 3, 38 mm — 563 sq mm display area. Apple Watch Series 3, 42 mm — 740 sq mm display area.

What are the available case sizes for Apple Watch Series 5?

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Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Watch Series 3
Case Size 40mm, 44mm 38mm x 42mm
Display Area 759 sq mm or 977 sq mm display area 563 sq mm or 740 sq mm display area
Case Thickness 10.7mm 11.4mm
Processor 64-bit dual-core S5 processor Dual-core S3 processor

How do I know if my Apple Watch is aluminum or stainless steel?

Look on the back of the case to see if your Apple Watch is the Stainless Steel or Aluminum version. The Hermès version will have “Hermès” engraved on the back. The Nike+ model will have the Nike logo on the back.

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