What is TSC clock?

What is TSC in clock source?

The preferred clock source is the Time Stamp Counter (TSC), but if it is not available the High Precision Event Timer (HPET) is the second best option. However, not all systems have HPET clocks and some HPET clocks can be unreliable.

What is invariant TSC?

The invariant TSC means that the TSC continues at a fixed rate regardless of the C-state or frequency of the processor (as long as the processor remains in the ACPI S0 state).

What is KVM clock?

kvm-clock is a Linux clocksource like tsc and hpet. ( tsc is commonly used on physical machines.) The discussion at the URL below indicates that all clocksources act like time counters that are periodically read by interrupts.

What is Clock_monotonic_raw?

CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW (since Linux 2.6.28; Linux-specific) Similar to CLOCK_MONOTONIC, but provides access to a raw hardware-based time that is not subject to NTP adjustments or the incremental adjustments performed by adjtime(3). This clock does not count time that the system is suspended.

What is Rdmsr?

rdmsr is a tool used for reading a CPU’s machine specific registers (MSR). Note: if you’re running a Debian kernel, be sure that the msr. ko kernel module is loaded.

What is TSC deadline timer?

TSC-deadline mode allows software to use the local APIC timer to signal an interrupt at an absolute time. In TSC- deadline mode, writes to the initial-count register are ignored; and current-count register always reads 0. Instead, timer behavior is controlled using the IA32_TSC_DEADLINE MSR.

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How do I download a typescript compiler?

To install TypeScript, enter the following command in the Terminal Window.

  1. $ npm install typescript –save-dev //As dev dependency.
  2. $ npm install typescript -g //Install as a global module.
  3. $ npm install typescript@latest -g //Install latest if you have an older version.