What is the red hand on the GMT Apple watch face?

What is the red hand on a GMT watch?

Its small, red hour hand allows users to set a second time zone by the 24-hour ring that’s on the inner portion of the dial. And additionally on this watch, you can set a third time zone using the bezel (the outermost rotating rim of the watch).

Can you have 2 time zones on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch can be configured to display multiple time zones on the watch face, in addition to the local time.

Can I unlock my phone with my Apple Watch?

Unlock with Apple Watch works when your watch is on your wrist and unlocked and your iPhone is nearby. The feature doesn’t use Face ID to recognize and authenticate your identity. Unlock with Apple Watch works only for unlocking your iPhone.

How does GMT Apple watch face work?

GMT. This watch face has two dials: a 12-hour inner dial that displays local time, and a 24-hour outer dial that lets you track a second time zone. This watch face is available on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later. to confirm your choice and return to the watch face.

What is the point of a GMT watch?

The idea of a GMT watch is to offer two things: a hand that is always synched to GMT time, so that the time all around the world can be identified, and normal hands for local time.

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What is the fourth hand on a watch?

The fourth hand is a 24 hour hand that is used to tell the hour in another time zone. The fourth hand can be set independent of the hour hand to measure another time zone and with the rotating bezel a third time zone can be measured.

Is UK on GMT time?

GMT is the standard time zone in Ireland and the United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.