What is the circumference of a clock?

How do you find the circumference of a clock?

EXAMPLE 1 Finding the Circumference of a Circle

Find the circumference of the clock. Use 3.14 for . C d Write formula for circumference. ≈ 3.14(25) Substitute 3.14 for and 25 for d.

What is the radius of clock?

A clock is shaped like a circle with a radius of 12 inches.

What is the diameter and radius of a clock?

Since the diameter of the clock’s face is 6 inches, radius r=(6/2)=3 r = ( 6 / 2 ) = 3 inches.

What is the diameter of wall clock?

DIAMETER OF UNFRAMED Wall Clocks: 12 inch clocks are 12 inches diameter, 18 are 18 inches diameter, 24 clocks are 24 inches diameter etc! Make sure to get a battery that is over 1.3v for the large wall clocks. The larger hands take a lot of energy so a better battery will last longer.

What is the circumference of Ferris wheel?

The “Ferris” wheel as it became known reached a maximum height of 80 m (264 ft) above the ground, with a diameter of 76 m (250 ft) and a circumference of 240 m (790 ft).

What is analog clock?

a clock that represents time by the position of hands on a dial.

What best describes the circumference of a circle?

In geometry, the circumference (from Latin circumferens, meaning “carrying around”) is the perimeter of a circle or ellipse. That is, the circumference would be the arc length of the circle, as if it were opened up and straightened out to a line segment.

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What is radius of sphere?

The distance from the center to any point on the circumference of a sphere is known as the radius.