What does wind the clock mean?

What does it mean to wind a clock?

To go back in time. If I could wind back the clock, I’d manage my finances better so that I wouldn’t be declaring bankruptcy now.

What does wound the clock mean?

to tighten the spring of:[~ + object]She wound the clock. wind down, [no object] to bring or come to a gradual end:After a busy week the conference began to wind down.

How do you spell wind like wind the clock?

to twine, fold, wrap, or place about something. to make (a mechanism) operational by tightening the mainspring with a key (often followed by up): to wind a clock; to wind up a toy. to haul or hoist by means of a winch, windlass, or the like (often followed by up).

What are the three winding holes on a clock?

The middle hole will wind the spring that powers the timekeeping function of the clock. The right hole, as you’re looking at the clock, powers the chimes of the clock. Finally, the left winding hole, as you’re looking at the clock, powers the hourly strikes of the clock.

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Can you over wind a clock?

Luckily, the truth is that you can’t over-wind your clock. … A clock mainspring is made of spring steel and is about the width of a ruler (but not quite as thick). They are on average 7 to 8 feet long! One end of the mainspring hooks on a winding arbor (the thing your key goes onto when you wind it).

Did you wind the clock meaning?

(idiomatic, figuratively) To return in time to an earlier period of history.

Is on the clock meaning?

To be on the clock is an idiom meaning “working” or “getting paid.” It can also refer to the amount of time a taximeter has on the clock or the amount of time left in a sporting match. Related words: clock in. clocked. … spare time.

Is wind and wind the same word?

Wind and wind are two words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings, which makes them heteronyms. … English words are also spelled according to their etymologies rather than their sound.

What is the difference between wind and wound?

In this case, it refers to a verb. “The road is straight for a while and then it begins to wind.” The past form of ‘wind’ is ‘wound’ [/waʊnd/]. “Old-fashioned clocks have to be wound.”

What are two ways you can interpret the words wound up?

Synonyms & Antonyms of wound up

  • closed,
  • closed out,
  • completed,
  • concluded,
  • ended,
  • finished,
  • rounded (off or out),
  • terminated,

What is a good definition for wind?

1a : a natural movement of air of any velocity especially : the earth’s air or the gas surrounding a planet in natural motion horizontally. b : an artificially produced movement of air. c : solar wind, stellar wind.

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What does wind mean spiritually?

The wind is air in its active and violent aspects. It represents the spirit, the vital breath of the universe. J.C. Cooper points out that wind represents the power of spirit in sustaining life and holding it together. Hence the symbolic association of wind with cords, ropes and threads.

How is 8 spelled?

Spelling Numbers

Cardinal number Ordinal number
8 eight eighth
9 nine ninth
10 ten tenth
11 eleven eleventh