What does the clock tell the speaker each morning?

Who wrote the gymnastic clock?

Summary of the Poem Gymnastic Clock by Mary Carolyn Davies

The Gymnastic Clock by M.C. Davis is a humorous poem. The poet says the little clock in his room is his friend.

Which exercise did the clock advise to the poet?

the clock asks him frankly each morning to do exercise by stretching your arms above his head and then bring them down very slowly. He further asks him to keep doing this exercise without stopping. The clock tells the poet to be like it; it always keeps its hands moving up and down. The poet got annoyed at the clock.

What does the poem keeping quiet teach us?

It teaches us that we must be peaceful and should never destroy the nature’s beauty. The poem “Keeping quiet” written by Pablo Neruda is about the necessity of quiet introspection and creating a mutual understanding about fellow human beings.

Why does the poet ask people not to speak?

The poet urges people to stop speaking in any language. They must speak through their hearts. So far men have moved their arms only to harm others. Therefore, the poet wants that they should not move their arms so much.

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What does the title of the poem suggest?

The title of the poem suggests that we must keep quiet for a moment. There will be silence and all will set together and realise the value of collectiveness.

Does the clock stop its exercise?

The clock tells the speaker “Now, don’t forget your exercises. Does the clock stop its exercise at any time? Answer: No.

What Pollution is mentioned in the third stanza?

Answer: Air pollution is mentioned in the third stanza.

What are sprayed on our food answer?

Answer: Poisons and insecticides are sprayed on our food.