What are the different types of clocks used in early times?

What type of clock was used in early days?

Ancient civilisations and the first clocks

Sundials were among the first types of clocks. The ancient Egyptians started using obelisks to measure the sun’s shadow as early as 3,500 BC. They developed water clocks, which were also used in Babylon, ancient Greece, Persia, Mesopotamia, India and ancient China.

Which one is the ancient clock?

The earliest household clocks known, from the archaeological finds, are the sundials (1500 BC) in Ancient Egypt and ancient Babylonian astronomy. Ancient analemmatic sundials of the same era (about 1500 BC) and their prototype have been discovered on the territory of modern Russia.

What do all clocks have in common?

Whether they are highly accurate atomic clocks or slightly less accurate quartz watches, electric alarm clocks or grandfather clocks with slowly swinging pendulums, all clocks have one thing in common – they consistently count precise units of time.

What is a shadow clock?

Shadow clocks were modified sundials that allowed for greater precision in determining the time of day, and were first used around 1500 BCE. … The shadow clock gnomon was made up of a long stem divided into six parts, as well as an elevated crossbar that cast a shadow over the marks.

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