Quick Answer: How high should a large clock be hung?

How do you hang a large heavy clock?

Let’s look at how to hang a heavy wall clock securely on a wall.

  1. Use the stud finder to locate a stud in your desired hanging location. …
  2. Mark the stud with a pencil at the proper height based on the hanger on the back of the wall clock.
  3. Secure the screw in place using the screwdriver. …
  4. Hang the clock carefully.

Where should a large clock go in the living room?

Hanging a wall clock in a living room looks easy, but consider the following points for where to best place a wall clock in your living room:

  1. Face a clock to the north, east, or northeast for good luck.
  2. Hang a wall clock above a couch.
  3. Place a wall clock above a table or bookshelf.

How big is too big for a wall clock?

A small clock measures around 8.5 inches, a medium clock measures between 12-24 inches, and a large clock measures between 24-32 inches. One should not choose a clock that doesn’t fit the space where one will hang it, the space surrounding the clock should be four times as high as the clock and six times as wide.

Should you have a clock in your bedroom?

Alarm clocks can be harmful to sleep, according to Christopher Lindholst, CEO of MetroNaps, a sleep product company. … He recommended using an alarm clock as a backup method, but to try to adhere to a consistent bedtime to allow your body to wake up naturally.

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Can you put a clock above a TV?

Hanging a clock above your TV is a great way to keep track of TV time, especially if you’ve got kids who are on a schedule or who need to go to bed early on school nights.