Quick Answer: How do you get sponsored in Clockwork City?

How do you unlock Clockwork City daily?

To unlock him, complete first the “Lost in the Gloam” Quest, which is the fifth quest of the zone’s main quest-line. This quest-giver might take a while to unlock because of this. He will ask you to retrieve certain items. The Crow will always reward you a Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffer.

Where can I farm Daedra husks?

Best area to get Daedra Husks is Northeast Deshaan at the Shrine of Saint Veloth – Dremora and Clannfear.

Can I abandon prologue quests?

You can safely abandon any quest that allows you to abandon it and you can still go back and get it again later.

How do I get to Mournhold?

Getting There and Around[edit]

The details of getting to Mournhold the first time can be found on the Dark Brotherhood Attacks page. Almsivi Intervention takes you to the door of the Temple, while Divine Intervention will take you to the Courtyard of the Palace.

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