Question: What is the circumference and diameter of a clock?

How do you find the circumference of a clock?

EXAMPLE 1 Finding the Circumference of a Circle

Find the circumference of the clock. Use 3.14 for . C d Write formula for circumference. ≈ 3.14(25) Substitute 3.14 for and 25 for d.

What is the diameter of the clock?

12 inch clocks are 12 inches diameter, 18 are 18 inches diameter, 24 clocks are 24 inches diameter etc! Make sure to get a battery that is over 1.3v for the large wall clocks. The larger hands take a lot of energy so a better battery will last longer. Lithium batteries are said to last a long time in clocks.

What is the diameter and radius of a clock?

Since the diameter of the clock’s face is 6 inches, radius r=(6/2)=3 r = ( 6 / 2 ) = 3 inches.

What is the radius of a clock?

A clock is shaped like a circle with a radius of 12 inches.

What is the circumference of Ferris wheel?

The “Ferris” wheel as it became known reached a maximum height of 80 m (264 ft) above the ground, with a diameter of 76 m (250 ft) and a circumference of 240 m (790 ft).

What is the size of a standard clock?

Generally, a clock will be between six to eighteen inches (about 15 cm to 45 cm). A smaller clock might measure around 8.5 inches (21 cm), and a medium clock sits around 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 cm), while a larger clock can be between 24 to 32 inches (60 to 81 cm).

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What best describes the circumference of a circle?

In geometry, the circumference (from Latin circumferens, meaning “carrying around”) is the perimeter of a circle or ellipse. That is, the circumference would be the arc length of the circle, as if it were opened up and straightened out to a line segment.

Which of the following is the radius of the circle?

What is Radius of Circle? A circle is a collection of points on a two-dimensional plane, which are equidistant from the center point ‘O’. The distance from the center point to any endpoint on the circle is called the radius of a circle.

What is the circumference of 5 peso coin?

Commemorative Coins

Denomination Year Issued Coin Diameter
2 Piso 1991-1992 31mm
2 Piso 1992 23.5mm
5 Piso 1992-1994 25.5mm
10 Piso 1988 36mm