How does a word clock work?

What is word clock Where is it used?

Word clock is used by the receiving digital device to lock to the incoming digital signal. Every digital device, from a simple, portable CD player to a Pro Tools HD rig, has a word clock. Not to be confused with sync clock (like MTC or SMPTE), word clock is what tells an A/D or D/A converter when to begin each sample.

What is word clock signal?

In digital audio electronics, a word clock or wordclock (sometimes sample clock, which can have a broader meaning) is a clock signal used to synchronise other devices, such as digital audio tape machines and compact disc players, which interconnect via digital audio signals.

How do you insert a clock in word?

Use a coaxial BNC cable (75 Ω) to connect the external word clock to the Wordclock In input. A suitable cable is available as an accessory part. See „Antenna cables“. Connect the Wordclock In input of the next EM 6000 to the Wordclock Out output of the previous EM 6000.

Do you need a master clock?

In more elaborate digital audio systems, a master clock can make the task of slaving multiple units much easier and neater, and allow the system to operate more reliably. In systems where digital audio is being used in synchronism with video, an appropriate master clock is absolutely essential.

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What is master clock audio?

The master clock is controlling the rhythm of the CD player by telling the DAC chip exactly when to convert the audio signal from digital to analog. To have the best possible sound, it is vital to have a master clock that has a very stable clock frequency and lowest possible jitter.

Is word clock analog or digital?

The word clock signal doesn’t contain any other data. This allows it to do one job, and do it well. Many modern audio devices, such as analog-to-digital converters, have built-in word clock generators. In this article, we’ll focus on a couple of devices where the sole purpose is clock signal generation.

Does Adat require word clock?

You shouldn’t need the word clock. I didn’t when I did the same thing with RME gear. You just set the your ADAT expansion box/mixer/whatever to take timing from the ADAT interface.

What is a BNC word clock?

The word clock is a square wave signal that is transmitted via a 75Ω BNC connector. A square wave, of course, alternates between high and low states, which makes it ideal as a timing references. … Most professional digital audio devices have a word clock input so they can work in sync with other devices in the studio.

What is the best cable to sync word clock?

The word clock jacks use standard 75 ohm BNC connectors, and standard 75 ohm coaxial cable should be used (coaxial television cable, not shielded mic cable). There is no official AES standard mandating what a word clock signal must be, but there is a “recommended practice” for word clock as a part of AES11.

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What is clock source in Daw?

The Clock Source dictates how the unit derives its digital clock. In a digital system, it’s important that each device that’s sending signal digitally shares the same clock source, so that they can be synchronised.