How do you set a Timex electric clock?

How do I set the time on my Timex mp3 alarm clock?

1. To change your time setting, press and hold the J Time Set Button so that the clock display begins flashing. 2. While the display flashes, press the 1 Reverse and 6 Forward Buttons to set the time.

How do I change the time on my Timex t1305?

HOW TO RESET/ADJUST THE TIME – Remove battery door with a screw driver. Remove the battery. There is a small button, push that while adjusting the hour and minute.

How do you set the time on a Timex nature sounds?

You can choose between the radio, nature sounds or a buzzer. Press the corresponding button according to the type of alarm you want to set until the LCD changes. The button choices are “Radio,” “Sounds” and “Buzzer” and are located to the right of the LCD. Set the time for the alarm by pressing the “>>” or “.

How do you set a Timex dual alarm clock?

Setting and Using Alarms

  1. Press and hold Alarm One OR Alarm Two. Each alarm can be set in the same way.
  2. Press and release the Minus Button (-) as needed to adjust the hour. …
  3. Press and release the Minus Button (-) or Plus Button (+) to select your wake to source: buzzer or radio.
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How do I set my clock?

Set time, date & time zone

  1. Open your phone’s Clock app .
  2. Tap More. Settings.
  3. Under “Clock,” pick your home time zone or change the date and time. To see or hide a clock for your home time zone when you’re in a different time zone, tap Automatic home clock.

How do you set time and date?

Set time & date

  1. From any home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. Under DEVICE MANAGER, tap Date and time.
  5. Clear the Automatic date and time check box.
  6. Tap Set date, select the date, then tap Set.
  7. Tap Set time, select the time, then tap Set.

How do I fix the time on my digital watch?

Setting the Time and Date

To set the time and date on your digital watch, press the “Mode” button repeatedly to access the “Time and Date” display. Press the button multiple times until the “Time” digits begin to flash, noting that on some models you need to hold the button down to access this feature.

How do I set the alarm on my Timex t300b?

Press the “Hour/Month” button to select the hour, then press the “Minute/Date” button to select the minute. Press “Alarm Set” to finalize the alarm. To turn on the specific alarm, press the corresponding alarm button: Buzzer, Nature Sounds or Radio.

How do you set the alarm on a Timex t308s?

1. Press and hold the 7 Nature Sounds/Buzzer Alarm 2 Button until the Alarm 2 settings and Sounds Alarm Indicator appear on the display. 2. Press the 1 Reverse or 6 Forward Button to set the Alarm 2 time.

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