How do you open a clock tower?

How many bells are in a clock tower?

In order to unlock the door that requires the Bell Tower Key, you’re going to need to get your hands on the key. This can be done by investigating the Clock Tower and finding the four bells that are scattered around the level.

What does the emergency door do in dead cells?

Special Effects: Spawns a door in front of the player, which acts like any other wooden door. Stuns enemies on the other side when destroyed.

Where is the clock makers key?

As mentioned above, the Clock Tower consists of three tall towers. At the top of one of these towers will be a Clockmaker’s Key. This key will then unlock a blue door that is locked. That, in turn, allows passage into the Clock Room.

How do you open the secret room in DBD?

In order to access the Secret Room, one must repair two specific Generators in a specific order and then trigger the Endgame Collapse.

  1. Repair the Generator in the Chemistry Laboratory (indicated by a period table of elements on the wall). …
  2. Repair the Generator in the Music Room (indicated by a piano inside the room).
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