How do strange stat clocks work?

How many kills do you need to get Hale’s own?

For example, a Hale’s Own Strange has 8,500 kills, if this guide gets 8,500 unique visitors I will rename it A Hale’s Own Particularly Strange Guide.) What are Strange Weapons? Strange is an item quality for items in Team Fortress 2. Only weapons can have this quality, with the exception of the Spirit of Giving.

Do Stat clocks make weapons strange?

Decorated weapons with the Strange quality will have a “Stat-Clock” placed on the weapon that increments in real-time. Strange Parts (a type of tool that can track additional variables) can be added to many Strange quality items.

What does a strange stat clock do?

When applied, it adds a Strange Stat Clock module to the weapon, allowing it to track kills. Strange Civilian weapons can be used in Trade-Ups as per normal, allowing players to obtain Strange Freelance weapons with 10 Strange Civilian weapons, and so on.

How do strange count transfer tool work?

Takes the Strange scores from one item and adds them on to another. The count for the source item is reset to zero. Strange part scores are only transferred and zeroed if a matching strange part is found.

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Can you put war paint on a strange weapon?

Notes. War Paints cannot be applied to existing weapons in a player’s inventory; using one creates a new item instead. War Paints obtained from keyless cases can never be Strange or Unusual. Backpack icons for War Painted weapons will be affected by certain console commands that affect lighting, such as mat_phong 0 .

Can you put a Festivizer on a Botkiller weapon?

There’s no War Paint Botkillers, hence why you can’t apply festivizers to them.

Can you put stat clocks on Australiums?

Nope. It doesn’t work like that.

How do I get a Strangifier?

It can be obtained by fulfilling the requirements of a Chemistry Set. When completed, the Chemistry Set will drop a Strangifier of the type indicated by the Chemistry Set. However, certain Strangifiers are instead obtained randomly from a Mann Co. Supply Crate.

Can you put stat clocks on war paints?

As others have already explained, Stat Clocks can only be applied to Civilian Grade skins / war paints. … Unusual skins and war paints are only available from high tier collections so you can’t have a Civilian Grade Unusual.

Do strange weapons count kills?

Strange quality is an item quality found on weapons obtained from unlocking Mann Co. Introduced in the Über Update on June 23, 2011 Patch, Strange weapons track kills and record them as an item attribute, allowing the count to be viewed by players. …