How do I use Paychex clock?

Does Paychex have a time clock app?

Access Time and Attendance from Anywhere

From touchless clocking solutions to our powerful Paychex Flex app, you can track time worked, manage team schedules, and support your compliance efforts — whether you’re working onsite, offsite, or at home.

How do I check my hours on Paychex?

Located in the middle of the Employee Home page, the Hours Worked section (employee timesheet) is a convenient display of the employee’s hours for the specified week or pay period. At a glance, an employee can view any pay type and related total hours within this period.

How do I log into time on Paychex?

All employees can enter work time transactions by clicking Punch (located in the Actions section). The Action drop-down menu advances in the logical order of the employee punches. menu automatically advances to the next logical selection such as Lunch Out or Clock Out.

How do I accept my time card in Paychex?

Select the box to the left of the transaction to approve, or click Approve All (2) at the bottom of the time card screen to approve the time card. Your time card is sent to your manager for his approval.

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How much does Paychex time and Attendance cost?

Paychex charges $39 per month and $5 per employee for their Paychex Go package. Paxchex offers Flex and Flex Enterprise packages for companies with 50+ employees with pricing based on each companies needs.

Is there an app for Paychex?

Paychex Time Kiosk App

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Android Products: Requires Android OS 6.0 or higher. Compatible with Android-powered smartphones and tablets. … Compatible with Amazon Fire phone and Kindle Fire tablets.

How do I request PTO on Paychex Flex?

To submit a time off request:

  1. Click employee | Compensation | Attendance/Time-Off.
  2. Click Submit PTO Request. …
  3. Type the date of your time off request in the PTO Date: field or click the calendar icon next to the PTO Date: field to select a date.
  4. Select your time off type in the PTO Type: drop-down menu.

How do I check my PTO on Paychex?

You can view your time-off balances in Time Off Accruals on the Employee Dashboard in Paychex Flex Time. You can also view your PTO balances from your check stub PDF.

How do you punch in Paychex Flex?

After your administrator confirms you have been set up to use the app, you can punch time from a personal device. Punch options available in Paychex Time include: Tap Clock In when clocking in for work. Tap Clock Out when clocking out.

How do I submit payroll to Paychex?

Running payroll with Paychex is also simple—just finalize data for a pay period, review the relevant reports, and submit.

How to Set up Paychex Go to Run Payroll

  1. Sign up for Paychex Go. …
  2. Choose a Username and Password for Your Paychex Go Account. …
  3. Answer a Few Questions About Your Business and Employees.
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How much does Paychex flex time cost?

Rates start at $45 per month plus $4 per employee per month. All plans offer both a free trial and access to a mobile app; Paychex Flex doesn’t offer a free trial and its mobile app isn’t available to those with Go, the most basic plan. Rates start at $39 per month and $6 per person per month.

Is Paychex flex legit?

Paychex systems are secure and have not been hacked or compromised. The email contains an attachment that will deliver Trickbot Malware to the victim if it’s opened. … Trickbot Malware is targeted to many financial and payroll processing companies and is not specific to Paychex.

Is Paychex DCAA compliant?

Whether you require time clocks or simply an easier tool to track your employees’ time and attendance, we have a solution to fit your needs. Hour Timesheet offers simple DCAA compliant time & attendance software for your small business with 1-click payroll integration to QuickBooks, ADP & Paychex.