How do I reset my broken Apple Watch?

How do I reset my Apple Watch if the screen is broken?

You can follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your Apple Watch to its charger, then press and hold its “side button.”
  2. The passcode screen would come on. When it does, press and hold down the “Digital Crown”. …
  3. Tap the “reset” button and tap it again to complete the reset.

How do I reset my Apple Watch Without the passcode or the phone?

How to reset your Apple Watch if you forgot your passcode

  1. Put your watch on its charger and keep it there until you complete these steps.
  2. Press and hold the side button until you see Power Off.
  3. Press and hold the Digital Crown until you see Erase all content and settings.
  4. Tap Reset, then tap Reset again to confirm.

How do I fix an unresponsive Apple Watch?

Force-restart the watch

To do this, press and hold the side button and the Digital Crown for around 10 seconds – keep holding until you see the Apple logo. When the watch is powered on again, see if the touchscreen is working properly.

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How do I reset my Apple watch without the screen?

How to reset Apple Watch with or without iPhone

  1. Make sure your Watch is close to your iPhone and launch the Watch app.
  2. Swipe down and choose General.
  3. Swipe to the bottom and tap Reset.
  4. Choose Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.
  5. Tap Erase All Content and Settings 2 times to confirm.

Can you unlock Apple Watch without passcode?

If you still can’t remember your passcode, you can reset Apple Watch, reset the passcode, then restore Apple Watch from a backup. Restoring erases the content and settings on your Apple Watch, but uses a backup to replace your data and settings.

Can I unlock my phone with my Apple Watch?

Unlock with Apple Watch works when your watch is on your wrist and unlocked and your iPhone is nearby. The feature doesn’t use Face ID to recognize and authenticate your identity. Unlock with Apple Watch works only for unlocking your iPhone.

How do I remove activation lock without previous owner on Apple Watch?

Go to “Find My iPhone > All Devices” and select the device to remove/unlock. Step 3. Click “Erase [device]” and after erasing, click “Remove from Account“. Once the above steps are complete, the activation lock will be removed and you can use your own Apple ID.

Why is my watch not working?

Battery Needs Replacement

The most common reason a watch will stop working or need service is due to the battery. A good rule of thumb when it comes to watch batteries is to replace them every two years. A quartz watch, however, can last three years or longer because they do not have second hands.

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What do I do if my Apple Watch won’t force restart?

If you can’t turn off your Apple Watch or if the problem continues, you may need to force your Apple Watch to restart. Do this only if you’re unable to restart your Apple Watch. To force restart, hold down the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

What do you do when your Apple Watch screen goes black?

If you have charged your watch in accordance with the charging instructions (see link below), but still have a black screen even after pressing and holding the side button, try force restarting your watch: press and hold both the side button and Digital Crown for around 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.