How do I get my Apple Watch to not play music?

How do you turn off music on Apple Watch?

On your Apple Watch, press and release the side button (not the digital crown) once. Using your finger or the digital crown, scroll through the open apps. Select the app you want to close and swipe from right to left on it. Tap the large X in a red box to close the app.

Why does my Apple Watch keep showing music?

Go to General > Wake Screen. Tap the slider next to Auto-Launch Audio Apps so it turns from green to black. And that’s it. Next time you launch Music on the iPhone your watch will be mercifully free of Now Playing distractions.

Does closing apps on Apple Watch save battery?

Does Closing Background Apps Save Battery? No, closing background apps does not save your battery. The main reason behind this myth with closing background apps is that people confuse ‘open in background’ with ‘running.

How do I delete pictures and Music from my Apple Watch?

Tap Library > Albums and swipe down the screen until you see an album you wish to remove. Swipe the album name to the left and then tap the ellipsis icon. At the action screen, tap the Remove button. The app asks if you want to delete the album from your library or remove this download from the watch.

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How do you keep Now Playing on Apple Watch?

Use Now Playing on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Now Playing app on your Apple Watch.
  2. While audio plays, tap the Now Playing icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Press the side button, then tap Now Playing in the Dock.
  4. Tap the Now Playing button if you’ve added it to the watch face.

Does music drain Apple watch battery?

No iPhone, music streaming over the watch’s cellular connection, and the display only turned on when manually engaged. This was the most battery intensive configuration using a whopping 92% of battery life.

Can I remove Now Playing from Apple Watch?

Open the Settings app by tapping the gear icon in either the grid view or the list view on the apps screen. In Settings, tap “General,” then choose the “Wake Screen” option. In “Wake Screen” settings, tap the switch beside “Auto-Launch Audio Apps” to turn it off.