Frequent question: How do I change the day on my digital Timex watch?

How do you change the day and date on a Timex digital watch?

Press & release the lower right button on the face (START/SPLIT) three times, skipping minutes and months, so that the date begins flashing. Press the RECALL button until you have the date you want. (You can go backwards by pressing the STOP/RESET.)

How do I change the day of the week on my digital watch?

To change settings, you’ll first need to switch your watch to Time Mode, which will allow you to adjust things like the time, date, day of the week, and more. Once you’re in Time Mode, you’ll use a button to move through and modify settings. When it’s set, you’re ready to use your watch.

How do I set the date on my Timex Indiglo digital watch?

The crown knob has three positions: “In,” “Middle” and “Out.” Turn the crown knob clockwise to advance the days up, until the current day appears in the window on the right side of the watch face. Turn the knob counterclockwise to move the date down in number. Push the crown knob all the way in to start the watch.

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What happens if you wind a watch the wrong way?

Winding a watch backward can be harmful to the internal components of the watch. A movement of a watch is made to go forwards. Watches are made with a disengagement setting that disconnects the winding stem from the winding mechanism when wound backward to prevent damages.

What should you not do with an automatic watch?

There are 13 ways to damage an automatic watch:

  • Open crown when the watch is used in water.
  • Using pushers underwater.
  • Improper watch storage.
  • Adjusting time in the “danger zone”
  • Big shocks.
  • Lack of service.
  • Temperature changes.
  • Using the functions incorrectly.

When should you not change the date on an automatic watch?

You should not make adjustments – such as setting the date or day of the week – when the time on the watch reads between the hours of 9:00 pm and 3:00 am. Each movement has its own guidelines so this may vary a little, but avoiding setting anything a few hours either side of midnight should keep you out of trouble.

How do I change time from 24 hour to 12 hour settings?

How can I switch the time between 24 hour and 12 hour?

  1. Start the Regional control panel applet (start – settings – control panel – regional settings)
  2. Select the time tab.
  3. HH in capitals means 24 hour, hh (lowercase) means 12 hours.
  4. Click Apply then OK.