Frequent question: Can you paint a clock?

Can I paint the hands on my clock?

Now you apply three to four thin layers of paint to the hands at intervals of about two minutes. The distance between the spray can and the clock hands should be about 20 cm (7–8″). … Distribute the paint in even movements on the hands.

Can you paint a clock face?

Using a combination of chalk paint, acrylic paint and patterned stencils you can transform your old plastic clocks into beautiful and modern home decor accents for your walls.

How can I update my old clock?


  1. Use your screwdriver to disassemble the clock, separating each piece.
  2. Remove the old image from the dial, and spray paint it with your favorite color.
  3. Spray paint the frame as well, and let everything dry.
  4. Print our printable on a regular sheet of paper. …
  5. Stick your image in place.

How do you upcycle a clock?

Turn a clock into a cool chalkboard where you can jot your favorite quote, leave notes to your family, or doodle a picture and hang it on the wall. Use old clock frames to create clever shadow boxes, and you can make them holiday-themed or just create a collage with photos and mementos.

What do you do with an old clock face?

What to do with Old Wall Clocks

  1. Turn the Clock to a Photo Frame. Source: …
  2. Turn the Clock into a Mirror. Source: …
  3. Decorate It. …
  4. Create a Shadow Box from an Old Clock. …
  5. Turn it into an End Table. …
  6. Buy a New Clock. …
  7. Mechanical Weather Clock.
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