Does Nest have an Apple Watch app?

Does Nest Hello work with Apple Watch?

Watch your Nest Hello doorbell’s camera stream by saying “Siri, show me the front door”. You can do this from any apple device such as your Macbook, iPad, iPhone, or even an Apple Watch to quickly see who is at the door. … Set up rich doorbell camera event notifications and automation.

Does Nest doorbell work with iPhone?

Not only does Nest work with iPads, iPhones, and iPods, it also can install on your Apple TV and Apple Watch. The Nest App also works well with Android products such as phones, tablets, Android TV and Android Wear.

What happened to the Nest Apple Watch app?

Google has killed its Nest app for Apple Watch, meaning Nest smart thermostat owners can no longer control the device’s target temperature and operating mode directly from their wrist. … We took a look at Nest app users on smart watches and found that only a small number of people were using it.

Can Siri control my nest?

Using Siri shortcuts you can now control many aspects of your Nest, such as instant activation of heating or cooling, direct setting of your favorite temperatures, increasing/decreasing the temperature, and setting the Home/Away state.

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Does Nest have a widget?

To do this, hold down on the home screen of your Android device and select “Widgets”. From there, find the DO Button widget and drag it onto your home screen.

How do I get the nest camera on my Apple Watch?

Watch Cam lets you monitor all your Nest Cams from the Apple Watch or the iOS Widget. From the watch face, tap on the Watch Cam complication to open the app. Swipe left and right to view life feeds from all your Nest Cams.

Is Nest being discontinued?

As of today, Google is officially pulling the plug on its original Nest Cam Indoor that has been on the market since 2015. Nest Cam Outdoor is also ending its tenure after more than six years, and as we previously covered, the Nest Cam IQ series has also been discontinued after roughly four years.

Can I connect iPhone to Google nest?

Yes, Google Home works on iPhones! All you have to do is download the Google Home app on your iPhone so you can connect it with your Google Home.