Best answer: What is the use of USB port in Lenovo smart clock?

Can Lenovo smart clock be powered by USB?

Lenovo is probably using a round Power connector because a single USB-C to power both the clock and charge a phone might be more expensive, although technically, USB-C power delivery should be able to perform this task.

Can I charge my phone on a Lenovo smart clock?

Set reminders to take breaks and to stay on top of your schedule. When docked the Lenovo Smart Clock 2’s wireless charging dock can deliver a fast charge for your phone while you rest undistracted throughout the night.

Does the Lenovo smart clock need to be plugged in?

No. The Lenovo Smart Clock is designed to always be on, so your Google Assistant is always available to help, wherever the Lenovo Smart Clock is in your home. It’s powered-on by the included power adapter. … You can turn it on/off by plugging in/unplugging the power adapter.

Does Lenovo smart clock have Bluetooth?

Lenovo Smart Clock has a tiny 6W speaker at the back and a couple of tiny bass radiators. … Lenovo intends their smaller product to be more of a clock with smarts rather than a full-fledged smart display. Yes, it still has a 4-inch, colour IPS LCD touchscreen, voice control, built in speaker, WiFi and Bluetooth.

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How do I set the alarm on my Lenovo Smart Clock essential?

How to set an alarm?

  1. Press and hold the alarm setup button for more than 2 seconds to enter the alarm clock setting mode.
  2. Press the alarm setup button to confirm the current setting and automatically switch between the routine, hours and minutes categories.
  3. Press the volume up/down buttons to set each category.

Does the Lenovo smart clock have a camera?

Most notably, the Lenovo Smart Clock doesn’t have a camera. … But that lack of a camera makes this a much more reassuring bedside device than others in the category that do have cameras, such as Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub Max.