Best answer: What angle represents if the time is 4o clock?

What is 45 degrees on a clock?

45° (45 degrees)

If the minute hand moves to seven and a half minutes past 12, and the hour hand stays pointing to the 12, the angle between the hands is 45 degrees.

What is the angle between 2 hands of a clock when the time is 4pm?

Answer: At 2 PM, there is 60 degrees angle between the hour and minute hand. The angle between any two divisions is 30º.

What is the angle between the hands at 4 12?

At 4:12, the minute hand has moved 12 out of 60 possible times from the top of the clock. 12 times 6 degrees is 72 degrees. The angle from the minute hand to the hour hand is simply 360 degrees minus the degrees from the hour hand to minute hand that we calculated above. 360 – 306 = 54 degrees.

What angle is 7 30 o clock?

Step-by-step explanation:

At 7:30 the hour hand is between 7 and 8 and it makes an angle of 7*30+30*30/60 = 210 +15 = 225 deg from 12. At 7:30 the hour and minute hands make an angle of 225 – 180 = 45 deg between them.

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How much angle hour hand rotates in 2 hours 20 minutes?

But at 20 past two, i.e., at 2 : 20, the hour-hand has moved 20 minutes towards 12. ∴ the angle between the two hands of the clock at twenty past two = 60° – 10° = 50°.

What is the angle made by the hour hand in 20 minutes?

Hence, for 20 min it rotates for 10 degrees. The angle between hr’s hand and min’s hand should be 10 deg. in every 60 minutes hour hand moves 30 degrees.

What angle is 9 o clock?

At 9 o clock, the hour hand is at 9 and the minute hand is at 12. The angle between the two hands is 90 degrees.

What angle is 5 o clock?

Now when the time is 5 o’clock, there are five sectors between the minute hand and the hour hand. ∴The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand at 5 o’clock is 150∘.