Best answer: Is Venus the only planet that spins clockwise?

Is Venus the only planet that rotates clockwise?

Venus and possibly Uranus are the exceptions to the counterclockwise rotations of the planets. Venus travels around the sun once every 225 Earth days but it rotates clockwise once every 243 days.

Does any planet spin clockwise?

Answer: Most of the objects in our solar system, including the Sun, planets, and asteroids, all rotate counter-clockwise. … Uranus rotates about an axis that is nearly parallel with its orbital plane (i.e. on its side), while Venus rotates about its axis in a clockwise direction.

Is there a planet that spins backwards?

Our neighboring planet Venus is an oddball in many ways. For starters, it spins in the opposite direction from most other planets, including Earth, so that on Venus the sun rises in the west. … But scientists are still puzzled by Venus’s retrograde, or backward, rotation.

Why is Venus upside down?

Unlike the other planets in our solar system, Venus spins clockwise on its axis. … Astronomers believe that at some point, a colliding celestial body tilted Venus so far off its original position that it is now upside down.

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