Best answer: Is 38mm Apple Watch the band size?

Can you get a bigger band for a 38mm Apple Watch?

Apple does not currently offer an extra large band for 38mm Apple Watch models. Keep in mind that these bands are designed to fit 42mm Apple Watch models.

What does 38mm Apple Watch Band mean?

It is the size of the Apple Watch you purchase. The larger face is 42mm and the smaller face is 38mm. Answered by RickandCarmen 3 years ago.

Does the size of the Apple Watch affect the band?

Yes – any 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch band will fit an Apple Watch of the same size. The Apple Watch Sport also has an anodized aluminum case, whereas non-Sport bands have different metals in their adapters and/or links (this does not affect compatibility, just appearance).

Are Apple Watch bands One size fits all?

When buying a new Apple Watch band, it’s crucial to choose one that fits the size of your watch. Luckily, the same band will fit every Apple Watch model as long as it’s the same device size.

How many mm is Apple Watch band size 6?

Apple Watch

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Watches Width of strap (With BandClip adapter)
Apple Watch Series 7 45mm 24mm
Apple Watch Series 7 41mm 22mm
Apple Watch Series 6, 5 & 4 44mm 24mm
Apple Watch Series 6, 5 & 4 40mm 22mm

Can I put a 42mm band on a 38mm Apple Watch?

Question: Q: 42mm band on a 38mm apple watch

Answer: A: Answer: A: Any 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch band will fit an Apple Watch of the same case size.

What is the difference between an Apple watch 38mm and 42mm?

1) 38mm includes a small and medium band, whilst the 42 mm comes with a large and medium band. 2) The resolution on 42mm is nominally better and the text is bigger. 3) The batter on the 42mm is supposedly 30% bigger, providing slightly longer battery life. 4) The 42mm is slightly thicker than the 38mm.

How big is a 42mm watch face?

If you have a wrist size of small to standard sizes, choose a case diameter between 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, or 42mm.


Watch Case’s Diameter Range General Wrist Size
39mm – 42mm Standard
43mm – 46mm XL/ Oversize
>47mm XXL

What size Apple Watch should a man get?

In a poll on their site most men preferred a watch between 40 and 44 mm in size, which points to the larger Apple Watch size as a good bet. On Ask Men, the Watch Snob says that 39mm is the right size, which points to the smaller 38mm Apple Watch so there really is no perfect answer.

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