Best answer: How do you get the monthly Activity summary on Apple Watch?

Can you get a monthly summary on Apple Watch?

Fortunately, the Activity app also provides monthly summaries. Just tap on the year (2019), top-left, and you will see a list of total Workouts, Time and Calories for each month.

How do I see monthly totals on Apple Watch?

Here’s how I did it.

  1. Go to the Activity app.
  2. Go to workouts.
  3. At the top left, tap the “2017” arrow to see yearly data.
  4. At the top right, tap “filter” and then select “running”
  5. Once you do that, it should show you monthly totals.

How do I get activity summary on Apple Watch?

Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Swipe up to see details for each ring. Swipe up again to see more, like your total steps, your distance and workouts. To see your weekly summary, firmly press the screen, then tap Weekly Summary.

How many calories is 10000 steps?

How many calories do 10,000 steps burn? Most people burn 30-40 calories per 1,000 steps they walk, meaning they’ll burn 300 to 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps, Hirai says.

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Where is the weekly summary on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Screen Time. Tap See All Activity, then do any of the following: Tap Week to see a summary of your weekly use.

Can you see total steps on Apple Watch?

From the Watch face screen, press the Digital Crown to access the Apps screen. … Tap the Activity icon . Scroll down using the digital crown (the rotating dial on the side of the watch) to reveal ‘TOTAL STEPS’.

How do you see your yearly steps on Apple Watch?

How to track steps on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Activity app on Apple Watch.
  2. Swipe down or scroll down with the Digital Crown.
  3. Your daily steps, distance, and flights climbed will appear at the bottom.
  4. You can also swipe down further and tap Weekly Summary for more data.

How do I read Apple activity?

Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Swipe left to read the Move, Exercise, and Stand descriptions, then tap Get Started. Use the Digital Crown to set your sex, age, height, weight, and whether you use a wheelchair. Choose an activity level and start moving.

Does Apple watch track exercise automatically?

Forget to start your workout? Your Apple Watch can automatically detect when you start working out.

What should I set my activity rings at?

Set your goal between your 30-minute intense exercise calorie burn and your 60-minute light exercise calorie burn. Example #1: If you average 750 calories for an intense 30-minute workout and 850 calories for a lighter 60-minute workout, I recommend setting your Move goal in the middle to 800 and leaving it there.

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What is a good stand goal for Apple Watch?

According to Apple, the Stand ring “shows hours in which you’ve stood and moved for at least a minute.” In order to close your Stand ring, you need to be “standing up and moving around for at least 1 minute during 12 different hours in the day.”