You asked: How fast is the tip of the second hand of the clock?

How fast is a second hand?

The second hand travels at 360/60 = 6 degrees per second. Speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second.

What is the average speed & velocity of the tip of the second hand of a clock of radius 10 cm when the tip covers the quarter of the circle?


What is the tangential speed of the tip of the minute hand?

1 Expert Answer

It takes the tip 60 seconds to go all the way around the circle, so the tip moves 32π cm in 60 seconds, for a speed of 32π/60 = 8π/15 cm/sec. This is approximately equal to 1.68 cm/sec.

What is the speed of needle of clock?

This answer says clock hand, meaning minute hand. For the second hand, multiply the speed by 60. For the hour hand, divide by 60. The second hand turns at 1 rpm (rev per minute), the minute hand at 1/60th rpm, and the hour hand at 1/3,600th rpm.

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Why is second hand clothing popular?

The data suggests that secondhand fashion is also growing at a much faster rate than sustainable fashion with consumers turning to resale more and more, which has partly happened due to the emergence of more and easier-to-use resale sites, making it more straightforward and appealing for consumers to both sell and buy …

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Why is centripetal acceleration not constant?

Even if the speed of the particle is constant, the particle has some acceleration just because the direction of its velocity is continually changing. What’s more, the centripetal acceleration is not a constant acceleration because its direction is continually changing.

Will a body moving in a circular track have zero acceleration?

This means that, even though the speed is not changing, the velocity is changing. We conclude that a body moving in a circular (or, in fact, any curved path) is accelerating. … At time t = 0, the body is at A (an arbitrarily chosen point), and the magnitude the component of its velocity in the direction A-O is zero.

Is tangential acceleration constant?

(ii) For determining tangential acceleration, we need to have expression of linear speed in time. Evidently, the tangential acceleration is constant and is independent of time. (iii) Since, the angular speed is evaluated to be positive at t = 0, it means that angular velocity is positive.

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What is the angular speed of the tip of the minute hand on a clock whose length is 7 cm?

Calculate the speed of tip of minutes hand of a clock, whose length is 7cm. Here, l=r=7cm×10-2m. speed, v=st=2πrT=2×227×7×10-260×60=119×10-4=1.22×10-4m/s.