Will there be a sequel to Doomsday Clock?

Is Doomsday Clock Canon 2021?

Yet. Doomsday Clock was meant to show the future of DC’s Universe, but delays ruined the plan. Now it’s official: the events are NOT in continuity.

Is Doomsday Clock new 52?

The New 52 is No More

Throughout Doomsday Clock, Manhattan has previously foreshadowed his encounter with Superman, and it goes exactly as he envisioned. What’s different, however, is his interpretation of the outcome — or rather, the nothingness he has seen in its wake.

Who would win Dr Manhattan vs Galactus?

Galactus can manipulate reality and molecules and could possibly absorb Manhattan’s energy. He may not be able to completely eliminate Manhattan but he could beat him in a fight.

Is Dr Manhattan a hero or a villain?

Back to present day, Doctor Manhattan returns to Earth and ponders that he is a being of inaction on a collision course with a man of action (Superman), and to this universe of hope, he has become the villain.

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