Why does my Apple Watch keep sending SOS messages?

How do I get my Apple Watch to stop sending SOS?

Turn off automatic dialing

You can change your settings so that holding the side button won’t call emergency services automatically: Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the My Watch tab. Tap Emergency SOS. Turn off Hold Side Button to Dial.

Why does my Apple Watch keep sending SOS?

It is possible that you are activating the feature accidentally. If so: It may help to adjust how you are wearing your Apple Watch: If your Apple Watch is worn too close to your hand, then the side button may be pressed and held down by the back of your hand when flexing your wrist.

How do I stop sending messages from SOS?

To Disable:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Advanced features.
  3. Tap Send SOS messages.
  4. Toggle to Off.

How do I stop sending SOS from emergency location?

Of course, you don’t want that to continue once the situation is resolved.

  1. Afterward, you can go into Settings.
  2. Head to Emergency SOS.
  3. Then select the message that will appear at the top saying Stop Sharing Emergency Location.
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What happens if you accidentally call emergency SOS on Apple Watch?

Once it ends, the call to 911 is placed automatically. On its website, Apple gives instructions on how to end an emergency call that was accidentally started. “If you start an emergency call by accident, tap the End Call button, then tap Yes to confirm that you want to stop the call,” it says.

Will my Apple Watch call 911 if my heart stops?

Will Apple Watch call 911 if my heart rate is above 150? No, Apple Watch will not call anyone regardless of whatever your heart rate may be.

Why does emergency SOS keep sending my location?

When you make a call with SOS, your iPhone automatically calls the local emergency number. … Your iPhone sends them your current location, and, for a period of time after you enter SOS mode, it sends updates to your emergency contacts when your location changes.

What does send SOS messages mean?

Samsung’s Send SOS Messages feature allows the user of the phone to “press the power key quickly 3 times to send a quick alert to your emergency contacts when you are in an emergency situation” (Samsung).

Does emergency SOS send location?

Your iPhone has an emergency SOS function that calls the police and sends your current location to your chosen emergency contacts if you push the side button 5 times in a row.