Where did the saying clocked come from?

Why is it called clocked?

Boxing fans have long been heard uttering phrases like “He really cleaned his clock,” or “Wow, did he get clocked!” The Word Detective website says “clock” has been slang for the human face since the mid-19th century. … Another word is “read,” as in “She read me,” or “I got read as trans.”

What does clocked mean slang?

Clocked Clocked is a slang word used to describe an action, when an object or a person hit someone without the other person can’t realize what happens until the action is done!….

Why does clock mean hit?

Senior Member. Packard said: So for me “to clock” someone means you’ve hit him hard enough to knock him down, possibly for 10 seconds or more. It is more than a simple punch in the nose.

What is the root of the word clock?

The word “clock” is thought to have originally derived from the Medieval Latin “clocca,” meaning “bell,” referencing the ringing of the bells on early town clocks, which would let everyone in a community know what time it was.

What does clocked you mean?

slang To strike one very forcefully, especially in the face. He made some rude comment about my mother, so I turned around and clocked him square in the jaw. See also: clock.

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What does clocked up mean?

: to gain or reach (a particular number or amount) Our company clocked up a record number of sales this year.

What does clocked out mean?

chiefly British. : to record on a special card the time that one stops working What time did you clock off yesterday? I clocked out 10 minutes early.

What does clocked ad mean?

05th April 2018. It’s an important principle of clearance that when we clear a clocked ad, an identical ad is delivered to broadcasters under the same clock number.

What’s clucking mean?

to make the low, interrupted noise that a chicken makes. [ I or T ] informal. to express disapproval or other emotion by making a short, sharp sound with your tongue: to cluck in disapproval/amazement. She shakes her head, smiles, and clucks her tongue.

Does it mean to clock someone?

To clock someone or something means to see or notice them/it.

What does have a go at me mean?

1 : to make an attempt at (doing something) I asked him if I could have a go at writing the proposal. 2 British, informal : to attack or criticize (someone) The press is having a go at the Prime Minister.

What does it mean to clock into work?

To mark one’s arrival at work, as on a time clock (a device that stamps the arrival and departure time onto each employee’s timecard, or records the times digitally).