What is the limitation of sand clock?

What are the limitations of sand clock?

The disadvantages of sand clock or hourglass are: The sand clock or hourglass had to be on flat surfaces every time so that it can work properly. It has a short duration of a clock probably less than one hour. The main difficulty is one can’t see the time from this gadget accurately.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sand clock?

The sand clock are also called as hour glass. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the sand clock or the hour glass:

  • It can be used to estimate the time.
  • It can be used to measure time of egg timers or small time based games.
  • It does not require a battery to run it.

Why Cannot we use a sand clock to measure time of the day?

Answer: nowadays we cannot use sand clock to measure time of the day because there is an electric watch for timinng . p and many type of the watch is available for us but sand clock is also watch but it is old model.

What are the advantages of sundial?

advantage -. sundial is that it is eco-friendly. Unlike the wall clock and watches, sundials do not require the use of dry cells or batteries—or even electricity. A sundial makes a more environmentally friendly tool than other timepieces.

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What is the advantage of water clock over sundial?

They don’t need any power source (batteries etc.). 2. Unlike the sundial (you could read about it here), the water clock would work: indoors.

What affects the measurement of time in a sand clock?

Answer: Factors affecting the time interval measured include sand quantity, sand coarseness, bulb size, and neck width.