What is the angular velocity in rad sec of the hour minute and second hand of a clock?

What is the angular speed of the hour hand of a clock in rad s?

1 Expert Answer

On an analog (not digital) clock, the hour hand travels 360°, or 2π radians, in 12 hours.

What is the time period of second hand in a wall clock?

The second, or sweep, hand moves relatively quickly, taking a full minute (sixty seconds) to make a complete rotation from 12 to 12. For every rotation of the second hand, the minute hand will move from one minute mark to the next.

Is Omega angular velocity?

Angular velocity is usually represented by the symbol omega (ω, sometimes Ω). By convention, positive angular velocity indicates counter-clockwise rotation, while negative is clockwise.

What is angular velocity radians per minute?

“Angular velocity” is a measure of turning per time unit. It tells you the size of the angle through which something revolves in a given timespan. For instance, if a wheel rotates sixty times in one minute, then it has an angular velocity of 120π radians per minute.

How often does the tip of an hour hand on a clock have the same velocity?

Answer: tip of an hour hand on a clock have the same velocity? once every minute; once every hour; once every 12 hours; once every 24 hours.

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Is the angular velocity of rotation of hour hand?

Hour-hand of a watch completes one rotation in 12 hours, while earth completes one rotation in 24 hours. So angular velocity of hour-hand is double the angular velocity of the earth. This is because ω = 2 π T , where T is the time taken to complete one rotation and ω is the angular velocity.

What is relation between linear velocity and angular velocity?

We can write the relationship between linear velocity and angular velocity in two different ways: v=rω or ω=v/r.