What does the Moon mean on Timex watch?

What is occasion on Timex watch?

Occasion mode allows you to set reminders for occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and appointments.

Does the Timex Ironman watch have a light?

No. The hands are activated for a glow. The side button when pushed, lights up the face so it can be read in the dark. Very good watch.

Do Timex watches have alarms?

Watch has a daily alarm. Press MODE repeatedly until AL appears. To set alarm: 1) Press SET and hold for 2 seconds.

How do you set the Timex Expedition Indiglo?

Hold down the “Set” button on the upper-left edge of the watch to start setting the time. The time zone field flashes. Push the “Start/Split” or “Stop/Reset “ buttons on the upper-right and lower-right edge of the watch respectively to choose the first or second time zone.

Is Timex a good brand?

Well, if you’re are looking to buy a versatile and durable timepiece for yourself, then Timex is a good brand to choose from. From minimally designed timepieces to sophisticated ones, classic designs to luxury watches timepieces, you can opt for Timex watches from a plethora of options available.

How do I know if my Timex watch is real?

The Timex India app – available from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download – can be used to scan a QR code on Timex watches. If the code is genuine, purchasers get a screen and voice message indicating that the watch is genuine and not counterfeit – and so is covered under warranty.

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How do I set the day on my Timex watch?

Pull crown to “middle” position and turn CLOCKWISE until correct day appears. If day does not change, pull crown to “out” position and turn CLOCKWISE or COUNTER CLOCKWISE through necessary number of 24 hour periods until correct day appears.

Does Timex Indiglo wear out?

Indiglo watches take energy from the watch battery and give it to the atoms in the zinc sulfide-copper compound. This energy is then given off as light. … People say that this Indiglo effect does wear out after long use, however.

What is Timex night mode?

Night mode allows you to press any button and automatically trigger the watch’s “Indi-glo” functionality. … While in this mode, pressing any button will cause the INDIGLO light to automatically come on. Press and hold the INDIGLO button for four seconds to deactivate night mode.