Quick Answer: Can we use a pendulum clock in a satellite Give reasons to support your answer?

Can you use a pendulum clock in a satellite?

Infinite time period implies that the pendulum will not oscillate at all inside the satellite. So, a pendulum clock cannot be used inside a satellite.

Can a pendulum oscillate in an artificial satellite explain?

No a pendulum doesn’t vibrate in an artificial satellite as there is no gravity.

Why can’t a pendulum work on a satellite clock?

Since the time period of the pendulum depends on the gravity of Earth therefore the pendulum clock in the satellite will not give the correct time and so we can’t use a pendulum clock inside a satellite revolving around earth.

What will happen if a pendulum clock is brought inside an artificial satellite?

If a pendulum clock is brought inside an artificial satellite, then the time period of the clock becomes. … In summer season, the effective length of the pendulum clock is lengthened (increased length), so its time period is also increased and consequently the clock becomes slow.

When a pendulum stops where does the energy go?

Once the weighted end of the pendulum is released, it will become active as gravity pulls it downward. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, which is the energy exerted by a moving object.

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Can a pendulum watch gives correct time in an artificial satellite?

No, in an artifical satellite, the body is in weightlessness state, whereg=0. … It means, inside the satellite pendulum does not oscillate. Hence pendulum watch connot word in satellite.

Can we conduct a simple pendulum experiment in an artificial satellite?

No, the simple pendulum experiment cannot be conducted inside a satellite as the acceleration due to gravity is zero in space and the time period becomes infinity.

What are necessary conditions for a body to execute simple harmonic motion?

1- A restoring force must act on the body. 2- Body must have acceleration in a direction opposite to the displacement and the acceleration must be directly proportional to displacement. 3- The system must have inertia (mass).

What will be the period of oscillation if the length of seconds pendulum is halved?

So the time period of a pendulum is directly proportional to the square root of its length. So, if the length increases, its time period also increase. It means that it takes longer to complete one oscillation. So when its length is halved, its time period is decreased by a factor of 2 .