Is the Chelsea Clock company still in business?

Where is the serial number on a Chelsea Clock?

Find the serial number on the back of the case. Record the serial number and type of clock. The company’s website at lets visitors know that “Each clock is individually numbered and then registered prior to leaving the factory.

How often should you wind a Chelsea Clock?

1. Winding Wind fully once each week at approximately the same time.

Can you Overwind Chelsea Clock?

No, it is not possible to over wind your Ship’s Bell or Shipstrike Clock. … When it comes time to wind the clock, be sure to wind both keyholes (clock mainspring and strike mechanism) completely each time (turn the key until you can not turn it any further).

How do you clean a Chelsea Clock?

Wipe the case often with a soft cloth to keep it free from dust and fingerprints, which, if left in place over time, can harm the finish. Refrain from using any polishes or cleaners on the hand-finished, lacquered case or dial as this will compromise the protective coatings.

How do you start a Chelsea Clock?

Beginning Daylight Saving Time requires setting the clock forward by one full hour.

  1. Using your finger, carefully move the minute hand (long hand) ahead one hour.
  2. Be sure to pause at the half-hour point to allow the clock to fully strike before continuing to move the hand forward.
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