Is Rorschach a sequel to Doomsday Clock?

Is Rorschach after Doomsday Clock?

That line is our telltale clue the comic is a sequel to the HBO series rather than Doomsday Clock. Rorschach takes place about a year after the HBO series, following the Seventh Kalavry’s reign of terror in Tulsa and their failed attempt at transforming Senator Keene into a new Doctor Manhattan.

What universe is Rorschach in?

Is Rorschach worth reading?

Much to the horror of those who feel that Watchmen should be hermetically sealed away and never again touched, Rorschach #1 is a good, if slow, start to a story that feels filled with interesting things to say about a number of subjects that, importantly, feel worthy of discussion and investigation.

Does Rorschach come back to life?

Before long, the truth is clear: Rorschach has returned, but Walter Kovacs, the man who was behind the mask, remains dead. Now, the man under the blotted mask is someone else entirely, as Rorschach himself is quick to point out. … In Doomsday Clock #1, we see that the people recognize Rorschach.

Is Rorschach a villain?

A ruthless crime-fighter, Rorschach believes in moral absolutism—good and evil as pure ends, with no shades of gray—which compels him to seek to punish any evidence of evil at all costs.

Rorschach (character)

Alter ego Walter Joseph Kovacs
Team affiliations Crimebusters
Partnerships Nite Owl II
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Is Rorschach a sociopath?

Rorschach as an individual who fulfills seven criteria that can be categorized as suffering from Sociopathic Personality Disorder.

Who is the new Rorschach?

Reginald “Reggie” Long is a fictional character in publications by DC Comics. He is the second character to hold the name of Rorschach and was introduced in the 2017 series Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Rorschach (Reggie Long)

Alter ego Reginald “Reggie” Long
Partnerships Ozymandias