Is it dangerous to drive with a faulty clock spring?

What does the clock spring control?

In vehicle steering systems a clock spring or clockspring is a spiral-wound special rotary electrical connector which allows a vehicle’s steering wheel to turn while still making an electrical connection between the steering wheel airbag and/or the vehicle’s horn and other devices and the vehicle’s electrical systems.

How much does it cost to fix a clock spring?

For a clock spring, the parts alone will cost $80 to $150; however, if a professional mechanic is going to replace the clock spring for you, the average job will cost anywhere from $200 to as much as $400.

How do I know if my clock spring is bad?


  1. Airbag light is on – A common problem often caused by a defective clock spring. …
  2. Horn doesn’t work – In some cases, a bad clock spring can cause the horn to stop working.
  3. The cruise control switch does not work – On models where the cruise control is mounted on the steering wheel.

Does the clock spring have to be replaced?

The clock spring may need to be replaced if it is damaged during careless service to the steering system, and, in some cases, if the vehicle is in a crash and the driver’s airbag deploys.

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What causes clock spring to break?

Clocksprings wear in time or become damaged during repairs to the steering column, or when removing a rack and pinion gear, gearbox, or coupling. If the steering wheel is allowed to spin freely, the clockspring’s connection may break, resulting in an open circuit and an illuminated airbag light.

What is another name for clock spring?

Alternative names for the clock springs are clock spring coil, coil assembly, cable reel assembly, coil spring unit and contact reel.

When should I replace my airbag clock spring?

The clock spring only needs to be replaced when the connectors that attach to the steering wheel airbag is melted and fused directly to the cylinder. During a deployment the gas conversion creates a heat exchange inside the cylinder and that causes some connectors to melt.

Is a clock spring covered under warranty?

Is a clock spring covered under warranty? The warranty only covers the clockspring, and that’s only because it is required for the driver airbag to work.