Is Helix and Timex same?

Is Helix a brand of Timex?

Helix, a Timex Group brand, has launched its new smartwatch — Helix Smart — in India. Helix Smart is the brand’s first-ever smartwatch. The watch comes with a full touch display and offers over 100 watch faces for users to choose from.

Is Helix an Indian company?

We are based in Bangalore and are well represented all over India, with a strong network of distributors and business associates. We at Helix have always believed in reliability and responsiveness. Our thrust has always been quality, in the products we offer and the service we provide.

Is Timex a Tata product?

Timex Group India Ltd. The Timex Group India was incorporated in 1988 as a joint venture between Timex Corporation USA and Titan Watches (a Tata company) to manufacture watches. … Timex, founded in 1854, has expanded to become Timex Group, with numerous brands and over 5,000 employees worldwide.

Is Helix a good brand?

Helix, a brand by Timex Group, is a fun, playful and youthful watch brand, here to offer a wide range stylish watches at reasonable prices. Helix is backed by the Timex Group’s promise of high quality watchmaking and contemporary designs. Helix is for the young and the young-at-heart out there.

Which smartwatch is made in India?

This new smartwatch, Helix 2.0 has been assembled in Timex India state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The facility is equipped with the latest tools, technology, and skilled manpower to make smart watches in India.

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Is Timex a cheap brand?

Over the years, Timex has stood as one of the most affordable watch brand alternatives available. Timex watches prices start way below the $50 mark. Timex timepieces showcase similar technology featured in the more luxurious brands which means you get quality features at an incredible price.

Is Timex still in business?

An American watchmaking tradition is ending. Timex Corp. -the largest-selling watch brand in America-is closing its last manufacturing plant, in Little Rock, Ark., after 56 years of operation. The announcement was made June 20.