How loud is a Kit Kat Clock?

Are Kit Kat Clocks loud?

Answer: The Classic Black Kitty Clock is not loud at all. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind the noise it makes.

Why is my Kit-Cat clock so loud?

This noise indicates something has broken loose inside the clock. Take the back off. Non-fixable possibilities are the lever is broken entirely in half, or the movement is loose from the case.

How do I move my Kit Kat clock?

The eyes of the Kit-Cat Clock are moving freely!

You can fix this problem by re-seating the eye stems in the back of the clock. Turn your clock over and take a look at the eyes from behind. Note the stem in the center of each eye. If those stems have come loose, find the black slots at the top of the lever.

How big is the original Kit-Cat Clock?

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Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3 x 3.25 x 8.26 inches
Shape Cat
Item Weight 0.59 Pounds
Are Batteries Included No

What batteries does Kit Kat clock take?

Classic Black Kit-Cat Klock

Colour Black
Item weight 0.59 Pounds
Are batteries included No
Number of batteries 2 C batteries required.
Mounting type Wall Mount
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Why does my Kit Cat clock stop moving?

A clock may slow and stop because the small Philips head screw securing the lever, or pendulum, is over tightened. Back the screw off 1/2 turn, and usually the clock then animates correctly. This screw is found immediately to the left of the pendulum pivot point, which is above the batteries in the middle of the clock.

How much is a Felix the Cat clock worth?

Felix The Cat Motion Clock

List Price: $44.95 Details
You Save: $9.72 (22%)