How long do the batteries last in a Kit Cat clock?

What batteries does Kit Kat clock take?

Classic Black Kit-Cat Klock

Colour Black
Item weight 0.59 Pounds
Are batteries included No
Number of batteries 2 C batteries required.
Mounting type Wall Mount

Are Kit Cat Clocks loud?

Question: How loud is it? Answer: The Classic Black Kitty Clock is not loud at all.

How do I reset my Kit Kat clock?

Tip 1: If the clock is hanging on the wall, usually it needs a little forward tilt. This brings the magnet above the tail closer to the motor inside the clock, to use the full power and life of the batteries. Pull the head out about 1/2″ from the wall, then give the tail a push to one side to start it.

How do I move my Kit Kat clock?

The eyes of the Kit-Cat Clock are moving freely!

You can fix this problem by re-seating the eye stems in the back of the clock. Turn your clock over and take a look at the eyes from behind. Note the stem in the center of each eye. If those stems have come loose, find the black slots at the top of the lever.

Does the Kit Kat clock tick?

I loved this clock at first. I got it because it reminded me of the vintage cat clocks I often saw in kitchens during my youth in the 60’s. It has a little tick tock sound while the tail is moving, but it didn’t bother me… … Without the tail moving, it’s just another plastic clock.

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How much is a Felix the Cat clock worth?

Felix The Cat Motion Clock

List Price: $44.95 Details
You Save: $9.72 (22%)