How does a Nixie tube clock work?

How do you set a Nixie tube clock?

Press and hold the set button, for about 5-6 seconds until the first tube will turn on its decimal point. Release the button. Now, with each short press of the button, you can advance the first digit. The format is 24 hours, so the first tube only changes from 0-1-2 etcetera.

Why did they stop making Nixie tubes?

In the 1970s, Nixies were eclipsed by LEDs, which were not only much cheaper to make and use but also more versatile. The tubes might have died the lonely death of countless other obsolete devices—and yet they did not. Some Nixies lingered on in legacy equipment, of course.

Why are Nixie clocks so expensive?

Clocks and watches are so expensive not only because of the tubes but also because of the high voltage supply. Nixie clocks require extremely efficient components, and you have to pay for them, as well.

Do Nixie tubes get warm?

Although the voltage is high, the amount of current flowing is very small, so the clocks do not use much power. They only consume about 3 to 4 Watts of power, and consequently generate almost no heat. The tubes are not hot or even warm to the touch. Please see this excellent article on Wikipedia about nixie tubes.

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Do Nixie tubes burn out?

Nixie tubes are cold cathode devices and have no filament to burn out, so they have long lifetimes: a well-made nixie tube can last more than twenty years in continuous operation.

How much voltage does a Nixie tube need?

Nixie tubes require high voltages (>170 volts) to illuminate. A single anode is connected to a high voltage source via a dropping resistor and cathodes shaped like numbers are grounded to make them illuminate. Drivers, then, must be capable of withstanding the driving voltage.

Are Nixie clocks safe?

Yes, it is safe to power nixie tubes all the time, the power consumption is below 1W per tube, they stay at room temperature. Our clocks are powered from power adaptor which is able to deliver only 24W, in case of short-circuit of any kind in the clock/tube, the power adaptor cuts off the power.

What is nixie tube poisoning?

Nixie tubes tend to develop a phenomenon called “cathode poisoning” on digits that are no in regular use. To make sure the digits in your clock stays in good condition, all of them needs to be exercised regularly. … For each 60 seconds when the tube is on (whatever digit), exercise every other digit for 0.2s.

What does Nixie stand for?

noun. a letter or parcel that is undeliverable by the post office because of a faulty or illegible address.

What is a Nixie mermaid?

Nixie (postal), a piece of undeliverable mail, or the postal marking on such a piece of mail. Nixie, one of the three main mermaids in the first season of Mako: Island of Secrets.

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What is a Nixie Watch?

It is a two-digit wristwatch using Nixie tubes, a forty-year-old display technology that is delightfully easy to read. The watch requires no button-pushing to operate. Just hold the watch at your standard viewing angle, and the hours, then the minutes, will appear in perfectly-formed, 14mm tall, glowing orange digits.