How do you turn off the alarm on a Sportline stopwatch?

How do I stop my Sportline stopwatch from beeping?

Press and hold the “Mode” button, which will remove the bars shown under the days of the week. Wait until all of the bars have been removed. This will stop hourly chiming.

How do you program a Sportline stopwatch?

To start using the timer, press the middle button on the top of the stopwatch and hold until the display reads 0:00. Press the right-side button on the top of the stopwatch to begin using the timer. Press the same button to stop timing. Press the left-side button on the top of the stopwatch to reset the timer.

How do you turn off the alarm on a Adanac 3000 stopwatch?

Answer: If you are asking how to turn off the alarm, depress together the upper right and upper left buttons and hold till it beeps. That turns on or off the alarm.

How do you turn off the alarm on a Goldline stopwatch?

Note 1: To turn the alarm ON/OFF, Press A and C at the same Ɵme.

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How do you reset athletic works stopwatch?

Find the reset button, which usually is located on the bottom right side of the watch face, and hold it until the time starts blinking. Press the start button to change minutes. Press the reset button again to switch to hours. You will know it worked when the hour starts blinking instead of the minutes.

How do I turn my alarm off at anytime stopwatch?

To turn the Alarm ON or OFF, press the START/STOP button while holding down the SPLIT/RESET button (the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner of the display is on when the Alarm is turned ON). 4. Press and hold START/STOP to view the calendar month and date.

How do you reset a regent stopwatch?

Press Split/Reset to reset the display. Press MODE to return to Normal Mode. NOTE: Press all three buttons simultaneously to reset to the Elapsed Timer mode.

How do you reset a stopwatch?

Change a running stopwatch

  1. To pause a running stopwatch, tap Pause .
  2. To add a lap while the stopwatch is running, tap Lap.
  3. To share your stopwatch lap times, pause the stopwatch, and then tap Share.
  4. To reset a stopwatch, tap Pause. Reset.

How do you turn off the alarm on a marathon stopwatch?

Press START/STOP to select whether alarm is referenced to time shown in Time mode (t1) or Time 2 (t2). 4) Press SET, at any step, when done setting. To turn on/off alarm and hourly chime, press START/STOP repeatedly. Watch will step through four combinations of alarm and chime settings.

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How do you set an Adanac stopwatch?

In normal time mode, press A three times to activate time setting mode. Press C to select the setting items. The sequence will be Second > Minuto > Hour > Date> Month > Day. Press B to increase the setting value and change 12/ 24 hour format when setting the hour.