How do you reset message count on Apple Watch?

How do you delete message count on Apple Watch?

Go to your Apple Watch app, navigate to Messages, and untick the option that says Mirror my iPhone. Delete the unread messages on your watch, restart the device, go back to your Apple Watch app, re-enable “Mirror my iPhone”, and check the results.

How do you reset Messages on Apple Watch?

How to delete messages from an Apple Watch

  1. Press the digital crown on your Apple Watch to launch the device’s home screen.
  2. Tap the Messages app icon to open your inbox.
  3. On the conversation you wish to delete, swipe left without opening the thread.
  4. Tap the red trash can icon to delete the thread.

Why does my Apple Watch still show unread Messages?

If your Apple Watch is showing unread message notifications but your iPhone does not have any unread messages, reboot both devices. It is likely you received a message with silent alerts enabled when you were not wearing your Apple Watch. … Reboot your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.

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How do I get rid of ghost message on Apple Watch?

Toggle the Notifications Indicator setting, close the Watch app and then restart both your iPhone and your watch before re-enabling the indicator: On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch > Notifications > turn off Notifications Indicator.

Why is my Apple Watch not syncing to my activity?

If your Apple Watch still isn’t syncing, you can use the force sync method. Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone. … If you’re still facing sync issues, the last resort is to unpair and repair the Apple Watch. From the “Reset” menu itself, select the “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” option.

Why do Messages not delete on Apple Watch?

It’s a glitch that seems to be specific to the Apple Watch. Some people claim this is how Apple designed Messages to work. That if you write an SMS message from your Watch first, then it won’t get deleted. If you composed the message on an iPhone, then it will be deleted across devices.

Does deleting Messages from Apple Watch delete from iPhone?

While many apps sync between the Apple Watch and iPhone, Messages is not one of them. Conversations you delete from the Watch will still be on your iPhone, and threads you clear on your phone may remain on your Watch.

Why am I getting text on my watch and not my phone?

– Check that Notifications are enabled, along with Show in Notification Centre and Show on Lock Screen. Disable and re-enable iMessage on your iPhone: – On your iPhone, go to: Settings > Messages > turn off iMessage, wait for a few moments and then re-enable it. Restart both your iPhone and your watch.

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What does mirror my iPhone mean?

Screen mirroring technology allows a phone, tablet or computer screen to wirelessly display on another device screen.

How do I get my Apple Watch to read my texts?

If the message arrived a while ago, touch and hold the top of the screen, swipe down on the display to see the message notification, then tap it. To mark the message as read, scroll down, then tap Dismiss. To dismiss the notification without marking the message as read, press the Digital Crown.