How do you hang a very heavy clock?

What is the best way to hang a wall clock?

According to Vastu, the clock should be placed on the eastern, western, or northern wall of the house or office. These directions work to bring positive energy into the house. With this, by keeping the clock in these directions, our time remains good and all the work is done well without any hindrance.

How much weight can you hang on drywall?

Hangers and Nails Can Hold the Weight on Drywall

They can hold up to 20 pounds with the proper nail, such as a regular diploma frame. Flat mounted hook and anchor can hold up to 50 pounds.

Where do you hang a clock?

Clocks work best at two height options, either between eye and chest level or above eye level. If you’re going for a high clock, it should be higher than the tallest obstruction in the room. Think over a doorway, window, or mantel.

Can you hang a clock with a nail?

Nails and Screws

Make sure the nail or screw is strong enough to hold it and secured by tugging on it firmly. Once you’ve installed it, consider hanging something about the same weight that isn’t as delicate as your clock (a string with a weight will work) and cushioning the floor below should it fall.

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